How can you tell if a pause is being used instead of long vowels in hiragana?

Asked 4 years ago


I have been having problems with some drills because the pause sounds like a long vowel. Any tips for telling the difference between them when listening to them?

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1 Answer


What worked for me was just to listen to the excercises many times. Suddenly it made sense to me, and when it did, I couldn't imagine why I didn't hear it so clearly before.

It's like at first I had my own idea as to how it should sound and it didn't sound like I expected. But then I just listened to how it was supposed to sound and changed my expectations accordingly. (I hope I'm making any sense).

Just don't let it frustrate you because there will be many words that use these sounds and the more words you learn and hear the more sense it makes.

I had almost forgotten that I too had troubles with it, so I think the same will happen for you.


Answered 4 years ago