Ho do I change my profile picture

Asked 4 years ago

first you must believe in our lord and saviour lord helix just kidding. you go under settings in your profile

Reagan O
Commented 4 years ago

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2 Answers


I did mine by coping and pasting from Google images, if that doesn't work I'm sorry about that, I don't have the best of memories, hehe *sheepish smile* 

Answered 4 years ago


What you can do is:

- go in the dashboard

- at the top there should be some options (dashboard, my study lists, my practice sheets, and SETTINGS)

- click on SETTINGS

- You should see under acount settings: " Choose File - No File Chosen"

- You can choose your new account picture there


I hope this is useful to you. I hope you enjoy Nihongo Master!

Answered 4 years ago