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Asked 4 years ago


Seen they're new lessons... And they cover some of the N2 grammar structures (gachi, nitshiteha etc.) so really happy to have these in my drills as that's the one I'll be sitting at the end of the year!

However I was wondering if you could link all of the vocab at the end of each section to the dictionary entries as they are in the other lessons? It's really helpful to just open all of them up in new tabs and then add them in bulk to drills for added reinforcement.


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Hey Kenny! We hadn't told anybody yet, but we are sending out a big announcement today! I will try to get the links added this afternoon!! As these are the first lessons Aki designed, we welcome any feedback or pointers if anything is missing.  


Taylor A.
Answered 4 years ago

Got all the links added! It's been quite a transition since Masako left and we just learned this morning that Aki is leaving too for maternity leave! Can you believe it? Glad we got these lessons out before she had her baby! Let me know if there is anything else you notice that needs to be fixed or could use improvement. I am just getting comfortable with the lesson building process myself :)

Taylor A.
Commented 4 years ago