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Asked 4 years ago

Hi...I know that there are verb conjugations that help the verb such as:

mieru-miezu without seeing

but are there any other ones?

Also what does the verb form -tai mean?

Thank you!

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Yes, there are a lot of them. Here are just a few. I've listed both the casual form and the polite form.

たべる たべます will eat
たべない たべません will not eat
たべった たべました ate
たべなかった たべませんでした didn't eat
たべたい たべたいです want to eat
たべて たべてください please eat
たべないで たべないでください please don't eat

Try not to get overwhelmed by them, you will learn them soon enough, one at a time.

Answered 4 years ago

Yes, we cover verb forms one by one as you progress through the lessons. Verb forms are at the core of fluency in Japanese, so don't rush yourself!!

Taylor A.
Commented 4 years ago

In case if you are still wondering, -tai form is usually used when you or someone is expressing their needs or want. For example, "I want to eat sushi" becomes "すしがたべ-たい" I hope this is explained simply enough!:)

Commented 4 years ago

shouldn't it be 食べた

Commented 4 years ago

Hello Taichiu727! Yes, "ate" is 食べた you are right :)

Commented 4 years ago