Is it possible to create two groups of drills?

Asked 4 years ago


Rather than have them mixed up together?

E.g. Drills on JLPTN1 then a group of drills on JLPTN3



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Hello melon, 

It is not possible to create multiple drill sets, but you can remove or pause specific drills so they don't show up. If you added the N4 vocab and N3 study lists to your drills for example, you could remove N3 while you focused on N4. You could then also track your progress in the N4 study list. Once you mastered those, add the N3 back! 

We don't have any plans right now to make multiple drill sets as we think it is best to have your vocab mixed in with your grammar and everything else. 

Let me know if you have any more questions! 


Taylor A.
Answered 4 years ago

No problem! Thank you!

Commented 4 years ago