I have a question about billing.

Asked 4 years ago

 I've added a new credit card in PayPal, and removed the old one. Will my payment still work, or do I need some additional steps to make it work? Thanks.

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If you have funds in the account that it's own type of account from what I know, but if you changed your card that you were using to auto pay you may end up having to renew the subscription when the time comes...

No biggie, just hit it when it shows up. This is how PP works for me and my customers at least.

Nihon Scope
Answered 4 years ago


If you added a new card to your PayPal it shouldn't affect your payment here. Our billing system simply talks to PayPal and they will charge whatever card you're using. 

Taylor A.
Answered 4 years ago

Glad to hear this. Thanks a lot.

Commented 4 years ago