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1. Why isn't matane in the saying goodbye lesson in introductory? I know it means see you later.

2. If I increase my drill mastery level, will I recieve the drills that were in my Mastered before?

I don't know the answer to your first question, but as for your second question, yes you will have to do them again. If you have 400+ questions in your mastered list, you will get them all again, ALL AT ONCE. You won't have to do them completely over again, but if your times till mastered was 5 times, and you changed your mastered times to 6 times, you will have to do all of those only once more. Hopefully that made sense, I am not good at explaining things :P

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Matane またね contains また which means "again". That is also used in では、また. The ね bit is a "particle". I don't know if you have learned about particles yet, otherwise you will learn about them soon. ね means something like "yes isn't it". That one is also used inじゃね. So by combining the expressions you get there but it is a bit hidden. It will eventually appear in one of the future lessons. Hope this was useful. Greetings Dennis
Answered 4 years ago