why cant i do any of the lessons

Asked 4 years ago

why cant i do any of the lessons. I keep clicking on the lesson I want to do and then it keeps asking me to choose wether I want to pay to unlock all lessons or continue for free so I click continue for free and then it asks me to sign up again and when I do that it take me back to the begging and its just one big loop. This website keeps saying that i can do the lessons for free and I don't have to pay but when I go ahead and do a lesson it keeps trying to make me pay for it and if I don't I have to sign up again or just not do the lessons someone please help 

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1 Answer


Hi josh!  Can you tell me what lesson you are trying to view?  All lessons in our introductory level are completely free.  Those lessons are enough to get you started in writing Japanese, pronunciation, some basic grammar and vocab.  Anything above that does indeed require a membership.

Answered 4 years ago