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Ok, so I just came back from a looong break to 730 drills, which is probably never gonna die down due to the daily drills and such, is there any way I can get them lowered and back to normal or.. ?


One option is to deacrease drill mastery, the other is to pause or remove some drill sets you already know. You can make this changes in Dojo->Settings

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Jojkov is totally correct! Going into the Dojo settings and pausing whole drill sets is a great way to take stuff you already know out of your daily drills. Or you can take them out altogether if you're really confident you've mastered it. Once your drills come back down you unpause those sets! 

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Taylor A.
Answered 4 years ago


If it were me, I'd be hesitant to take out any drills or decrease the number of drills given because I'd want to be sure I knew them before I moved on. I'd also likely be too lazy to manually select drills I thought I knew to shut them off.  The easy ones would go really fast and the harder ones you'll probably see again a few times before you master them. 

I know you're just returning and are antsy to start learning new stuff... (I've come back several times after a long break myself)... but I'd just work on those reviews until you get them down and then slowly take on new lessons until you find a pace that gives you a good mix of new and daily review drills.

Answered 4 years ago