How do I reset the drills when coming back to the site after a long absence?

Asked 4 years ago

I came back to NM after about a 2 years absence. There are about 500 drills built up...is there any way to reset them so that they go back to a more reasonable number? Otherwise, I feel that any new material will be lost in the large quantity of review material (I've started taking a Japanese class at school and am pretty secure in all of the material that's currently being drilled).

If you do already have the material in the drills down, then you should be able to complete each question in about 5 seconds. 5*500/60 ~= 40 min. I'd say just do the drills. If you do know the material it will go fast. If you don't . . . Well, that is what they are for.

Commented 4 years ago

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I'm late answering, but you can also pause drill sets so that you won't see them again until you unpause them.  If you go to your dojo settings page, there is a tab in the main area for "classroom drill sets" which will let you pause drills by lesson.  This way you can slowly work through them at your own pace (for example, maybe unpause one old drill set per day and do that set as well as your new drills until you are back to having them all unpaused).  Or if you're REALLY sure you know the content, I'm almost certain the "remove drill set" button will take them away entirely.


Alternatively, you can also lower your drill mastery, which will lower the number of times you have to correctly answer drills before they are removed entirely (so if you have already answered them correctly that number of times, they should be removed, even if it was a long time ago), but that will affect your new drills as well.   

Answered 4 years ago