MEXT Japanese scholarship for graduate and ungraduates

Asked 4 years ago

guys did anyone apply yet for the scholarship? i need help in the section where i have to write my goals and why i want to study in Japan

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I'm not familiar with this scholarship. Do you have to write the motivation in Japanese or English?

If it is just in English then, if I were you, I would write what you find fascinating and interesting about the language and maybe the culture as well. Just be honest and be yourself. If your motivation is judged not to be very strong, it probably isn't. On the other hand, if they think your motivation is right, you'll probably have a great time. That was my experience with getting a scholarship (it was a Norwegian Scholarship twenty years ago, but the idea is the same...). 

Just my opinion, hopefully it helps.




Answered 4 years ago

Did u study in japan ? I want too ! Am looking for scholarships too but do I need to have japanese education background?

Commented 4 years ago