Reagan O
Asked 4 years ago

i feel like you guys should do a update board, because every time you guys update the website it leaves me in the dark.

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Hey Reags0,

I totally know what you mean! We released this past update super fast because drill overload has been a pain point for a lot of users for quite a long time and we were really excited for this new funtionality. Sorry to make your head spin! Of course we want to give you guys plenty of notice and in the future we will be sending out emails before any big changes occur.

Just so you know, here are the main improvements we are working on now right now:

- Fix any remaining bugs in new drill system
- Retooling the "Acitivty Feed" and getting it back on the dashboard page (I miss it!)
- Adding a "What's Happening" panel to the dashboard (seriously, not because you suggested, but in case there is a big sale happening or the chat is live, or anything like that, we wan't knowledge to be easily accessible to you guys!)
- Overhauling the "Community Page" to be much more user friendly and interactive
- Adding more notifications and achievements for all your activity on the site
- Creating a searchable database of all lesson material to help you find grammar, vocab, and kanji from previous lessons without having to dig around (this shouldn't be a crazy change in your experience, but will be incredibly helpful once it's done)  
- Moving from mobile-optimized site to mobile responsive site (this one will happen very slowly over time, and you may not even notice it as it does...but it will be better!)

As you may know, we're a super small team and we are constantly working to make the site better for you guys, but these things take time. Thanks so much for your patience as we continue to grow and improve.

We always want to hear from you whether it's thumbs up, or letting us know how we can better...so thanks! 

Taylor A.
Answered 4 years ago

thank you! now I know what to expect in the future.

Reagan O
Commented 4 years ago