Drill Feedback Score Inconsistency

Asked 4 years ago

Hi there,


Since the latest alteration to the drill system there no longer is a slow, cumbersome screen inbetween each and every drill. Instead the amount of points you scored is now displayed in a quick pop-up screen. However, I noticed the amount of points is different from what it used to be. It always used to be a time-based multiplier multiplied by the mastery level from 1 to whatever mastery level you've chosen (5 by default).

Going through a few drills and mastering them today I noticed the amount of points for a mastered drill is no longer consistent and ranges from 1 point to 20-ish. I don't think this is the actual score though, as it seems the points that are actually added are based on the old, consistent system. This suggests there is a bug regarding the mastery level in the drill feedback. Can anyone else confirm this?


Either way, I am enjoying the changes, keep up the good work. :)



It almost seems as if the score that is displayed is the score that was previously gotten -- not the most recently achieved score. When you start new drills it always states you earned a staggering nought points.

Commented 4 years ago

It says I have gained 0 points but I checked my points after and I gained points. There is a problem with the point counter as it doesn't show the correct amount of points gained from a drill.

Commented 4 years ago

Mine does the 0 point thing too.

Crimson Amaryllis
Commented 4 years ago

Thanks for the heads up guys, I will take a look to see why there are 0 points coming up in the screen.

Commented 4 years ago

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