What did I do wrong?

Kira Resari
Asked 4 years ago


Here's something about the new drill system that is not a game breaker or anything, but which has caught my attention, and has started to upset me over the last days: The "You got it wrong" screen displays the correct answer - which is good - but it doesn't display what answer you picked.

Now, for me this has resulted in the following situation quite a number of times: I see a question, know the correct answer, press the respective key, and the "You got it wrong" screen pops up. However, it informs me that the correct choice was indeed the choice I thought was correct.

So what happened? Shouldn't I have gotten it right then? That confuses me. My hypothesis is that instead of the correct choice, I accidentally picked an answer which resembled the correct choice very closely, but I misread a character, such as mistaking an い for a り. However, since the answer which I picked is no longer visible in the mistake-screen, there is no way to be sure, and it leaves me with a tinge of frustration, as my mind complains "But that's the precice answer which I gave!"

As I said, it's nothing major, and the system works jsut fine without it. But I for one would like to be able to see the answer which I mistakenly picked in the mistake screen, if only to realize such things that I need to take greater care not to confuse certain characters, and exactly which characters those are.

This has been happening to and bothering me a lot lately as well. I would love it if they'd implement your suggestion to show both the correct answer and the incorrect answer that you selected. I tend to get ahead of myself while reading (leading to me often selecting the "trick" answers that are only slightly wrong, but thinking I chose the correct one), and I find it helpful to be able to compare the one I picked with the correct one so that I can be mindful of my mistakes in the future.

Commented 4 years ago

Now that you mention it, yeah, that is a problem. I absolutely love the new drill format compared to the previous one, but yeah, the comparing system needs to be brought back.

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Great suggestion!  We'll add it back soon!

Answered 4 years ago