The study lists in my favorites are not functioning correctly. Is there some way to get this issue fixed?

Asked 4 years ago

I can't seem to access any of Taylor's JLPT and Remembering The Kanji 6th Edition study lists through my favorites. Is there someway this can be fixed? I will be grateful in advance.

Yikes! We'll look into it and get it fixed up today! Thanks for letting us know!

Commented 4 years ago

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Greetings!  Just letting you know we found the issue and solved it right away.  You should be all set!


Thanks and good luck with your Japanese studies!

Answered 4 years ago

I am very grateful. Thank you so much, Taylor. It is so pleasing to know that the administration here is always working so hard to fix things here. I will continue to use this app until I have passed N1 JLPT (years from now). Again, thank you for everything.

Commented 4 years ago