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Kira Resari
Asked 3 years ago

This is something that consistently breaks my flow whenever I do drills.

Most drills are nice and easy, I can quickly glance over the question and pick the right answer within just a few seconds. With a work load of over 100 drills per day, being able to take care of them quickly like this is essentially a must.

However, apart from the listening comprehension questions, there is one more type of question that slows me down: Conjugation questions.

I can answer them easily enough. However, the one thing that slows me down is the fact that I need to carefully read the question, and then mentally wrap my head about what the "past tense plain negative form" was again.

The thing is, I know that form, I know how to use it, but it's the part of going over the grammatical construct that is extremely cumbersome, especially when you need to carefully read the question two or three times to make sure you did not mix it up with the "present tense plain negative form", the "past tense plain form" or the "present tense plain form", all of which are naturally among the possible answer options.

This makes the drills less of a mechanism to learn Japanese, but rather a lesson in reading questions attentively - which may be a good thing in itself, but it is not what I'm here for on NihongoMaster.

Here's a suggestion: How about in addition to the plain text, which can stay for all I care, we add a row of easily ditinguishable icons, such as a green [+] for a positive and a red [-] for a negative form, as well as a gray [0] for the present tense and a purple [↓] for the past tense. Suddenly, instead of carefully reading a four to five word long leviathan of technical jargon, you can just casually glance at the colorful and unmistakable icons, the word you need to apply them to, and your mind will give you the right answer within 2 seconds.

Well, I've gone on for long enough. Am I the only one who has this problem, or is that a situation that has bothered others as well? And if so, what are your thoughts on this matter?


I've been thinking the exact same thing! This would be a huge help, especially for people who are visually orientated. On the topic of verb conjugation, I think it would be great if after you have answered a drill that the translation could appear in a little pop up, much like what appears telling you how many times you've gotten a drill right in a row. For example, 食べた would come up with "Ate (plain)" or something like that. Not only would it make conjugation second nature, but speaking would also be a lot easier.

Commented 3 years ago

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Yeah, this is good idea, i made a lot of mistakes when fast reading drills like this. You need one more pair of colors/icons for polite/plain form :D

Answered 3 years ago