Being Late ~ おそく VS ちこく

Kira Resari
Asked 3 years ago


By now, I've learned two different words for being late: おそく and  ちこく.

Now, I'm at a drill that asks for a translation of "Don't be late.", and offers both おそく and  ちこく as options. The drill question was "___ しないでください。"

Naturally, I chose おそく, since it was the word I learned earlier and thus was more familiar with, but it was flagged as wrong.

So here's my question: Why is おそく wrong in this context, and ちこく right?

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おそく comes from the adjective おそい which could mean slow or late, while ちこく is a noun that means coming late. "おそくしないで” would mean "don't do it slowly/late" (the "it" is unspecified here, so it could mean anything). ちこくしないで on the other hand can only mean "don't come late".

Answered 3 years ago

Ah, I see. So that's why it's better to use ちこく in this situation. Thank you! =^,^=

Kira Resari
Commented 3 years ago