Kanji in lessons and drills?

Asked 3 years ago

I started using this site a few days ago and I like it but the drills are a bit frustrating because all the drill answers and questions are in kana with no kanji. The longer the sentences get the harder they are to read. I’m only doing the free lessons now and would definitely pay for the rest if there’s kanji in the rest of the lessons or at least an option to enable kanji, but if there isn’t I’d have to think about it. 

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1 Answer


There will be kanji but they will be introduced gradually. So the more one advances, the more kanji are introduced.  I enjoy Nihongo master because one lesson you learn some new grammar and the next lesson some kanji, that keeps it ballanced and enjoyable.

I'm sure that, if you already can read many kanji, you probably also know a lot of basic grammar, so you could go through the beginner lessons quickly and progress to the more advanced lessons with more kanji.


Answered 3 years ago