Why do Points Disappear While Active on NihongoMaster?

Asked 3 years ago


While answering & then asking a couple of questions here on NihongoMaster,

60 points just came off the total points! Also, earlier While completing thequiz for the 

very excellent drill for small trailing vowels after certain Katakana, completed 

carefully yet rapidly with 100% correct on the quiz, actually total points Decreased 

by 11, because checked because was wondering how many points were for quizzes et cetera,

so checked before and after doing the quiz! 

Saw in another question where apparently points are deducted, after elapsed time, however, 

even after elapsed time it seems unencouraging, especially since everyone knows that 

continuing to use a language is necessary to maintain fluency! 

NihongoMaster is fun and effective, and retaining one's earned points is much more encouraging!


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1 Answer


You keep  points for drills that are not due. As you answer drills correctly you will get pointsfor them but they will also need to be reviewed. While they are waiting to be reviewed (Show up in your dojo) you do not keep the points. The good news is though the more often you correctly answer a drill, the more points it is worth and the longer it takes before it needs to be reviewed again.

Answered 3 years ago