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I've been learning romanji before hiragana or kana and I wanted to know:
If I wanted to say, 'He should eat,' should I say 'Kare wa, taberu beki desu' or 'Kare wa, taberu beki' or am I wrong entirely and neither of these work?
Thank you!

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I’m not sure about the “beki” but from what I’ve learnt so far I would say “Kare wa tabetara ii desu”.


You’ll learn this grammar later on. One thing I would recommend is to learn hiragana and katakana as soon as possible, because it will really help with pronunciation later and it’s best to just get used to it as soon as possible. You’ll be happy to know that this sight has lessons on hiragana and katakana you can access for free that I personally have found very useful, as long as you do your flash cards every day. The grammar does cost extra though

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thank you ! I'm very close to memorizing the hiragana characters because someone told me the same about learning them. :)

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HI Rose-san and エミリーsan,

Just I want to add some explanation.

"Should" can be used for recommendations and obligations depending on the situation.

As you know, there are a variety of expressions for "should" in Japanese:

     (dictionary form) + beki-desu or (past casual form) + hooga ii desu / ra ii desu 

      *stronger expression > beki desu > hooga ii desu > ra ii desu 

     *+desu = politer expression (you can omit "desu" in the causal conversation)

 e.g. かれはたべるべきです。かれはたべたほうがいいです。かれはたべたらいいです。= He should eat. 


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hi R

it might actually be said more as needs to eat/ must eat/ ought to eat

rather than completely a verb form of taberu; also, maybe check a verb form table


Answered 3 years ago