A Kanji version of my name.. is it impossible??

Asked 2 years ago

Hi everybody!

For a long time ago I've been trying to build a Kanji version for my Western name, and despite all the hours spent, I still have not achieved it. That brings me to one conclusion: I need help.

My name is Salva ( in katakana: サルバ SARUBA )

I have been consulting the Jōyō and Jinmeiyō kanji lists, and these are the possible kanji combinations for my name:


申場 SARU-BA (申: sign of the Monkey, 場: place)

申馬 SARU-BA (申: sign of the Monkey, 馬: horse)

去場 SARU-BA (去: to leave, gone, past, 場: place)

去馬 SARU-BA (去: to leave, gone, past, 馬: horse)

差琉場 SA-RU-BA (差: distinction, difference, 琉: precious stone, 場: place)

砂流場 SA-RU-BA (砂: sand, 流: flow, 場: place)

砂留場 SA-RU-BA (砂: sand, 留: detain, stop, 場: place)

砂琉場 SA-RU-BA (砂: sand, 琉: precious stone, 場: place)

作琉場 SA-RU-BA (作: make, production, 琉: precious stone, 場: place)

再琉場 SA-RU-BA (再: again, twice, 琉: precious stone, 場: place)


As you can see, I researched for all possible options (or so I think).. but I still don't know if any of these options allows me to write my name in Kanji obtaining a result without possible bad meanings or nonsense.


What do you think??


P.S.: help pls!! xD

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You could chose any of these combinations to spell your name provided the pronounciations are correct. I guess the only thing you would want to take into account is if any of these are obscure/rarely used pronounciations of the kanji you have chosen.

Answered 2 years ago


In my openion, if you have favorite kanji and sounds... I recoomend strongly from there.
But you can't decide yet... I'll quote my native experience.

"馬" and "場" end of name kanji,
Usually people use "馬" like "春馬" or "龍馬" and I've never seen ”~場" as name.
I guess a few people has "場” as first name in Japan.
So you can think 2 ways "this is major kanji that's why I use" or "This is rare kanji, so I can feel own charcter" :)

Did you search your names on google?
I found some your names as Japanese area name on google :)

If you wanna watch majour name and japanese often use what kind of kanji...
2018 japanese popular baby's names and each year from 1912. 

Answered 2 years ago


Thank you very much for your answers.

Kuma, your explanation about "馬" and "場" was very useful.


I have no specific interest in the meaning, only to avoid possible bad meanings and try to build my name in Kanji as closely as possible to a "Japanese name" (and without it being nonsense).

Answered 2 years ago