How difficult is the N5 exam?

Asked 2 years ago

hello! I was wondering how hard was the N5 exam for you

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Hi Daniela,

I took the N5 exam last year and finally passed it with flying colors.

I previously kept flunking because I didn't have enough practice with the reading and listening segment of the exam. The time would eat away at me and I'd be left with hard guesses. I would stumble with unknown words and grammar structures that I hadn't learned yet.

Turns out that I just needed to finish studying the entire Beginner lesson series. It gave me more than enough context to actually understand the exam. It even gives you a mock exam for the N5 once you finish the entire series.

Now the part was actually just time management with studying. There are about 125 lessons in the beginner series. At first I tried to cram my way into studying, but it only served to burn me out in the end. From my experience, you need to space out your study time according to your limits.

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