Taking JLPT N4 exam

mitze san
Asked 2 years ago

hello I'm new here. Anyone would help me out,I'm taking JLPT N4 Exam this coming July 7. Do you have an idea what is possible question on JLPT N4 exam. Thank you.

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Hi Mitze,

You can actually download official JLPT practice exams from the JLPT website itself. This'll help you get familiarized with how the exam will be conducted. Here's the link.

As for the lesson coverage equivalent in nihongo master:

  • Introduction to Beginner Classes covers The N5
  • Intermediate classes covers the N4

Good Luck on your Exam

Answered 2 years ago


Hi there! We have our own JLPT N4 practice exam.  You can take it as many times as you like and the questions are randomized.  Keep going until you are consistently getting high scores.  The exam is located at: https://www.nihongomaster.com/jlpt-n4-practice-test


Answered 2 years ago