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Posted by Rouillie 7 years ago

Posted 7 years ago

I just thought it would be cool for people to introduce themselves, mention their age, interests and so forth. About me, since I brought it up :)


I'm 47, learning a few Asian languages with Japanese being my primary interest. I've been in love with J-rock, J-pop and J-metal as long as I can remember. I've kids, I'm a granny, I love to travel and am planning on taking my first trip to Japan towards the end of this year (2014) and would like to enrich my experience by communicating with the locals. I also intend to move their after I finish my college degree (yup, late in life, but better late than never), teach English and remarry (I'm so ambitious!) Oh, I live in Alaska, am an American, and a Muslimah.  How about you?


Rouillie Wilkerson


Posted 7 years ago

Hi Rouille,

Nice to meet you! Sorry for the belated reply :)

I admire your ambition and optimisim, I too would like to finish a college degree as well, and as you say better late than never. I also think it's wonderful that you plan on visiting Japan :)

Thanks for introducing yourself, I'll follow your lead and introduce myself as well.

My name is Lauren, I am 31 year old single mom and freelance web/graphic/font designer living in Las Vegas, NV. 

I was fortunate to have the experience as I grew up of serving as the host family to several Japanese foreign exchange students which I guess my interest and fondness for the culture began. I only wish that I had been more interested in learning the language when I was younger, but theres nothing that I can do about it now!

I have a few links if you'd care to see: My blog 

My fonts:



Posted 7 years ago


I'm a mother of three and 44 years old.  This is my 5th try at learning Japanese and the first time I've made any progress.  I have three kids, two of which are special needs, so finding time to study grammar is at a premium.  I live in NYC and though I don't have any plans right now to travel to Japan, I really hope to some day.  I've been a J-Rock fan for ages, thanks mostly to friends from Japan that I met in Fan Fiction groups on the net.


Posted 7 years ago

Rouillie, I find myself wondering if I may have met you many years ago.  Do you pronounce your name "roo ee" and have you ever been to Iowa?  When I was a student at ISU, I took a trip to Pakistan and India and there was a young woman on our trip named "roo ee" (I never knew how to spell it -- only knew her by her first name).  It's hard to tell from your tiny photo (and it was more than 20 years ago), but you almost look like you could be her.

My real name is Susan -- Leila is my cat.  But it's a much prettier name than Susan, so I tend to use it online. :-)


Posted 2 years ago

This is how it should go when first meeting someone:

Hello, it's nice to meet you. My name is ________. What is your name? (Miss/ Mr) _______I'm pleased to make your aquaintance.

konnichiwa, hajimemashite, (watashi/boku/atashi) no namae wa ________ desu! o-namae wa nan desu ka? **person tells you their name**. _______ san wa yoroshiku (onegaishimasu/ ne).


PLEASE NOTE: This is a very formal way of speaking, Use this when: meeting a teacher, elder, co-worker or someone of higher status. You my sound like posh royalty from old England if you use this in a very casual setting, such as: being introduced to a friend at school, meeting someone in public or meeting someone online.

If you know plain form tenses and rules, they can be very helpful when trying to talk in a casual situation. Talking too formally can even seem rude! *Yikes!*, so please take my reccomendation of buying premium NIHONGOMASTER , so you can learn these rules of you haven't already.

Happy Studying!,

Anna, Current Student of Japanese Language Studies


Miyouki Chan

Posted 2 years ago

Hi ohayou gozaimasu



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Posted 2 years ago

Let's try to bring back the groups (Holy thread revival Batman!)




My name is Dan. As I am writing this my age is 27 and this post is brought to you from England. I work as a photographer and since getting e-mails over christmas from one of the Nihongo Staff members motivating me to continue learning the language. I am here in my spare time practising and getting to know people who are learning to. What got me into the language? Well that would be cars... I been into modified cars most of my life and Japan has a rich motorsport/modified car culture. This is what has peaked my interest into learning the language so I am not completely lost when writting blogs about their culture (can't afford a translator to follow me everywhere haha). When not photographing or learning I work on cars and guess what, you probably guessed right... all my cars are from Japan!


I am hoping that I can start building my skills with a like minded community and if anyone is really interested in my photographs. My insta is: 

prince ZYCO

Posted 1 year ago

im too