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許可 JLPT 3
Kana Reading
Word Senses
  • Parts of speech
    noun (common) (futsuumeishi)
    permission; approval; authorization; license
    Example sentence
    義務は、許可通知発行支払った続く留意 It should be noted that the duty continues after a notice of allowance is mailed and the issue fee is paid.
  • Parts of speech
    noun or participle which takes the aux. verb suru
    to permit; to authorize
    Example sentence
    管理区域許可なくして立ち入り禁ず Controlled Access Zone: No entry without permission.

Examples of 許可, きょか in a sentence

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Kanji in this word


11 strokes

permit, approve

On'Yomi: キョ

Kun'Yomi: ゆる.す, もと

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5 strokes

can, passable, mustn't, should not, do not

On'Yomi: , コク

Kun'Yomi: -べ.き, -べ.し

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