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赤い, 紅い, 朱い, 緋い, 丹い, 赭い, あかい

  • akai


adjective (keiyoushi)

  • red


  • Red (i.e. communist)

Examples of 赤い,紅い,朱い,緋い,丹い,赭い,あかい in a Sentence

Helen blushed at their praise.
I saw a red car and a white one; the red one was nicer looking than the other.
They got over to the other side while the light was red.
Her cheeks began to glow with shame.
Her cheeks were tinged with red by the warmth of fire.
The girl brought me a red and a white rose.
I wanted red shoes.
I saw a house whose roof was red.
Do Japanese children really paint the sun red?
Soon we saw a house whose roof was red.

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