Week 28: Joyo Kanji Challenge

From "Nothingness" to "Promise"

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ヤク, つづまる, つづめる, つづまやか

promise, approximately, shrink

Added: Nov 22nd 2016 01:56 PM

chronicle, account, narrative, history, annals, geologic period

Added: Nov 22nd 2016 12:54 PM

フン, デシメートル, こ, こな

flour, powder, dust

Added: Nov 22nd 2016 12:46 PM

セツ, セチ, ふし, -ぶし, のっと

node, season, period, occasion, verse, clause, stanza, honor, joint, knuckle, knob, knot, tune, melody

Added: Nov 22nd 2016 10:35 AM

カン, くだ

pipe, tube, wind instrument, drunken talk, control, jurisdiction

Added: Nov 22nd 2016 09:30 AM

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