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Study Lists are Community Member created lists of dictionary words and kanji which you can use to drive your Japanese studies further. Quickly add drills from these study lists to rapidly build up your vocabulary and kanji memorization skills.

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Created By: Alan
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from Beginner lessons

Created By: Valentin
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kanji and related vocab

Created By: Aisha
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Beginner Lesson Kanji


Created By: JJ
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Itami o shire

Created By: KingItami
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Difficult to remember

Its CRAZY Time

Created By: MatzBlanc
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Intermediate Lesson Kanji

A list of the kanji that appears in the intermediate lessons.

Created By: JJ
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Transitivity pairs

  Transitivity and Intransitive words from Genki Textbook 2

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Nihongo Master Daily Words

This is a list if the words sent to me on a daily basis through email! Each day on my reminder email I will update with words and kanji...

Created By: random.error
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Created By: pui
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