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Character Definition

ナン, やわらか, やわらかい


シ, ジ, いばら, かや, くさぶき

briar, thorn

スイ, く, -だ

cook, boil

カン, ケン, かわく, かわかす, す, る, いぬい

drought, dry, dessicate, drink up, heaven, emperor

フク, はら

abdomen, belly, stomach


duplicate, double, compound, multiple

コツ, キツ, キ, キケ, コチ,

beg, invite, ask

ジ, シ, ぐ, つぎ

next, order, sequence

シ, はか

consult with

assets, resources, capital, funds, data, be conducive to, contribute to


compensation, indemnify

ケツ, ケン, ける,

lack, gap, fail, yawning radical (no. 76)

サツ, サイ, セツ, ころす, -ごろし,

kill, murder, butcher, slice off, split, diminish, reduce, spoil


obese, fat

ホウ, かんばしい

perfume, balmy, favorable, fragrant

ボウ, ボッ

boy, priest's residence, priest