We Love Japanese!

Nihongo Master is made by people who love the Japanese language and culture. We work hard every day to make this the best online Japanese language learning resource available! Here's some of the people that make up who we are.



Taylor started Nihongo Master in early 2012 as a simple online Japanese dictionary. This passion project came to be out of a personal trip to Japan as he studied the language. Returning back to the United States, he knew he wanted to continue learning the language and share the joys of it with others. Nihongo Master has been growing ever since. Taylor is also an avid Lego fan. Listen to more of Taylor's story on our podcast interview!

Creative Marketing Director


Diana has a life-long love of Japan and the Japanese language. She began studying Japanese in high school and never stopped. She’s also an actor, illustrator, singer, archer, theatre producer, and an experiened PR/Communications professional. She’s extremely excited to bring her Japanese and other skills to Nihongo Master where she can help others discover this amazing and beautiful language!

Be sure to check out the Nihongo Master YouTube page for news, special project, our podcast, and more cool stuff always on the way!

Software Engineer


Jesser is from the Philippines, he is also a Full Stack Developer.

He is passionate and loves coding. He also loves challenges and it excites him to learn new things. His hobbies are biking, watching anime and reading manga. His favorite anime is One Piece.

Writer & Podcast Host


Freelancer and entrepreneur Azra Syakirah takes charge of the creative content for Nihongo Master’s blog and podcast, which she also hosts. While born and bred in Singapore, she has been living in Japan since 2018.

Usually tucked away in a cafe anywhere she goes, this experimental and versatile language enthusiast seeks to put her passion for linguistics and hunger for creativity into practice.

Our Vision

The team behind Nihongo Master is made up of people who love the Japanese language and culture. Our goal is to make Nihongo Master the best way to learn Japanese online and we're excited to have you start learning Japanese with us!

Our Focus

Create Quick and Easy Japanese Lessons

Develop Smart Tools to Help You

Create the Best Experience to Learn

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