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My favorite writer: Reki Kawahara

Posted by 夜狐 8 years ago

Posted 8 years ago

So yeah, this guy is pretty awesome.

He wrote Sword Art Online which became the number one anime of 2012 ( which was actually his first ever published work ) He also wrote Accel World which became another great anime.

One of my biggest goals in learning this language is to read his light novels in original Japanese.

Any other SAO / Accel World fans out there?


Posted 7 years ago

well night not exactly what i had in mind... by artist i meant like for music but writers are ok too :D and for sao the sad thing is for me it was ruined due to everyone esle was only talking about how sao was 'sooo good' so i guess my problem with it is mainly the fan base in general and not really the anime~ while accel word .... it never caught my intrests 


Posted 5 years ago

hello, my favorite writer is tadatoshi fujimaki-sensei.

i loved how he's wrote kuroko no basket story although i don't like the sweat that he's drew. kuroko no basket also have a light novel from it's alternate story different from the manga.

well, i'm learning japanese so when i'm grow up i can lived in Japan and work to become mangaka, not forgeting to read it's light novel of course....

 p.s : kuroko no basket just full of ikemen ( generation of miracles except aomine,and murasakibara ) also, if you know the japanese language of colour you will realized something ih their character name.