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Who's seen the Blue Exorcist?

Posted by pisces13 5 years ago

Posted 5 years ago

I'm just wondering who your favorite character is and what's your favorite parts in this anime? ^_^


Posted 5 years ago

my favourite is yukio i know you wanted the good parts but i wished they had more of yukio in demon form 


Posted 4 years ago

I liked Rin and Kuro (That's the cat, right? I haven't watched it in a while) their reationship seems pretty cool! :3 


Posted 4 years ago

Oh my god yesss! I cant wait for the new season!!!! ccc:


Posted 4 years ago

Can't wait for new season next year!!!! My fav is Rin and Yukio :) I've read some of the manga too but I'm not caught up on it yet tho :)