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Is there an ideal pace for Nihongo Master?

Posted by Tiamo 4 years ago

Posted 4 years ago

I'd love to get about 100 drills a day, and work on NM everyday. Is there an ideal pace to achieve this, or do the drills just pile up more and more if you're actively learning on the site?

I have quit several times in the past when drills get past 800 a day. I don't want to quit this time. Since I already know the basics, I usually start out with a bunch of lessons, so I understand drills will have a spike from that. Does it even out sometime if you slow down? 

I'd love to set myself an ideal pace to keep it all manageable. Maybe take on a new lesson every 3 days? Take a week off to get the drills down? Or just keep going and ignore the drill number, do what you can? I'll tell you right now, I'm not that type of person - I do look at that number and want to conquer it! Haha.


Posted 4 years ago

I will start off by telling you what pace I have for Nihongo Master:

- I try doing at least 30 min. per day so that my drills do not pile up too high but if they do you can always go to: to set your drill master level (basically limiting the amount of drills you have currently)

- I try doing about 2-4 lessons per week to keep increasing my knowledge of Japanese


This is what I would recommend doing to start you off. Happy Dojo/Drill ing!