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NHK has so much for Japanese learners!

Posted by Amandamccoy 4 years ago

Posted 4 years ago

Has anyone ever checked out NHK's website? For those of you that don't know, NHK is a major TV channel in Japan. They also have handy dandy world channnels for non-Japanese speakers. Their website is crammed full of videos for learning Japanese language plus shows to learn about the Japanese culture. My favorite is Japan-easy, it's such a fun show and it covers basic Japanese sentence structure.


Posted 4 years ago

I've used the NHK Easy News site a few times.. ;)

Posted 4 years ago


Yes. I have But my japanese is not yet good enough. Its very intimidating for me especially when it comes to watching the documentaries.

I think I just keep to the drills for now until the right time for me to venture out to NHK


Posted 3 years ago

NHK has some great programming! The shows mentioned may be less easy to find in Japan, what times and days are they on? In Japan NHK is basically standard programming. whether or not subtitles are available in either Japanese or English depends on the show, havent really checked many of them, and simply view them in Japanese.