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Wanna talk about why you love Japan? <3

Posted by SebastianMichaelis 8 years ago

Posted 8 years ago

Summer festivals, Yukata's, Tanabata, Ramen, Name it all~ Lets just talk about why we love japan!


Posted 8 years ago

to tell the truth idk what got me liking japan or when i started to like it but the music and the artists are what keeps me intrested in modernday japan and not like the warring states period xD

ayana sy

Posted 8 years ago

I love japan because of their music and their artists. I love to watch japanese dramas like yamato nadeshiko, ikemen desu ne, paradise kiss, etc.:))) I'm also interested about their culture.


Posted 8 years ago

Komono's, their music, anime, and their culture! To be honest, anime was what got me interested in japan. My favorite anime is FAIRY TAIL, and my favorite artist's are NANO and HATSUME MIKU.


Posted 8 years ago

I get asked this in real life a fair bit because it's blatant that I love Japan. I think my love affair for Japan started with Japanese media and pop culture as seems to be the case quite a lot. Personally I used it as escapism to distract myself from a bullied youth. However, it is the culture and people I love more these days.

I love that even though they are technologically advanced, they are still strong in their roots and tradition thanks to things like Shinto and festivals. What other place has one foot in the past and one in the future like this? None I can think of. With their honor still intact, it is quite literally Samurai working on spaceships.

I also like that despite their blatant xenophobia, they hold an interest and delight in what the rest of the world does. They take what we make and make it their own, not only smaller and more efficient as the joke goes but they add their own personality into it which to the outside looks weird. Much like their own original creations. But it all makes perfect sense to me. Maybe that's cause I've read so much of their culture through my life. But that's the thing, I've read so much about it but I am always learning new things about it. I wish I could say the same of the western world.

I could keep going on about more reasons like how polite and kind the Japanese people I've met are among other things, but it would make for an awefully long read I'm sure.

I'll just say can not wait for the day that my feet hit Japanese soil. When they do, they will hit the ground running.


Posted 8 years ago

I love Japan,because of their anime.its starts from Death note.Heh


Posted 8 years ago

one piece, naruto!! gundam 00!!!. anime!!! uverworld, abingdon boy's school, sakurai atsushi, alice nine etc.., food, culture, language, everything!! :)


Posted 8 years ago

Firstly, yes I really want to attend one of the summer festivals! specifically tanabata :P

also, I'm a big anime lover, also very much into jpop. I also just think the language is absolutely beautiful. I mean seriously, can you think of a prettier word for goodnight than oyasumi? <(Sorry my ime isn't working right now)

In general, the culture is just fascinating. The food is amazing, the customs are fantastic, the technology is insane, and it just seems like an awesome please to be :P


Posted 8 years ago

I  love Japan  because of its Anime, Cultural Festivities, the Food, the Language and also their history. The tourism in Japan is amazing, along with the tall mountains.


Posted 8 years ago

The amazing hi-tech technology! I mean, they already have holograms and all these awesome gadgets. But they still have their old traditions and wonderful culture! Kimonos are so pretty and their history is so interesting. The language is unique and of course the anime is what got me started into liking it in the first place! There's so much I could say about Japan, which just makes me adore it! The place is also very beautiful (the scenery)! I just love all of Japan, everything there is to it!