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What are you currently watching and your opinions so far?

Posted by Nina 8 years ago

Posted 8 years ago


I most confess that I'm a anime lover specially when it has good drawing and what not a great plot.

But my favourite are Ghibli doings (no matter if is father or son) because they for some reason can make you dig inside the story and generally; you do not spect a huge event but as I said before, it is interesting and the drawings, oh! the drawings are so detailed the last one I'd watch:

-Whisper or heart (really cute but prepare some hanckerships...)

Before but is not Ghibli

-Hotarubi no mori ( that really is for crying afternoon, ah! geez!)


Anime, yes anime...Sorry got a bit carried away >///<

Just finished:

Diabolic Lovers: Mostly of episodes are for trollalore only the 4-3 last are the best and worth to watch.

And now I'm watching Kyousougiga TV Uhm...Is a bit confusing, but really nice story and like the fact they by the first time in my anime incursion they introduce a short chapter of inspirational story and also the artist (voices) behind the characters. Really interesting.  Though, the anime plot doesn't to much to do with the history.


Posted 8 years ago

watching pretty cure its awesome


Posted 8 years ago

I'm currently watching 2 new series:


To be honest, not really what I expected and not as good as I hoped. But people might disagree with me ofcourse! To me the story just doesn't leave a strong impression at all.

Log horizon:

Once again, a lot of people might disagree with my opinion but I find Log Horizon to be a better version of sword art online. It's somewhat unexpected but I really like it, the characters are fun, the setting is pretty awesome and even the background music gives this MMORPG-like feeling.


I'm also rewatching Ergo Proxy right now, watching it for the second time and now I understand a few things that weren't clear earlier. Great anime, very unique way of telling a story. It really gives me the feeling like I'm reading a science fiction book.


Posted 8 years ago

I've got to say Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream is really great.

The graphics are good and the storyline contains a little shoujo in it. The anime revolves around ice skaters as Prism Stars and they are somewhat idols in the entertainment industry. A competition is held where all Prism Stars will join in to take part and challenge each other. The winner of all the competitions will be crowned the Prism Queen. The main character Aira may be clumsy and a scatterbrain, but she continued to push herself and reach the top to become the Prism Queen. There are lots of funny moments in the anime. I've got to say it kept me watching it that I finished 45 episodes in 2 days. XD

Currently watching Fate Zero at the moment.

I love the opening and the graphics.


Posted 8 years ago

I've recently found myself browsing Crunchyroll quite a bit. Sadly everything I've recently discovered and come to love ends up only having 12 episodes released for now. I hate waiting for new episodes...

I've come to love watching Log Horizon and Strike the Blood. I would definitely recommend both.





Posted 8 years ago

Ugh! you can't quote...


I gonna agree with plebaap... Now that I have finish the Kyousougiga TV is not that good as I expected and even leave me with more doubts that event the movie or the manga could resolve.

Now, Log Horizon? Must admit that I have only watched the first episode and have compared it to the manga and certainly think that some scenary should have been added to the anime to create more expectation though would turn it as Sword art online taste somehow.

Ziggy you should look for another resource...perhaps? animeultimaTV


Posted 8 years ago

I'll be sure to try out animeultimaTV
Thanks for the info


Posted 8 years ago

highschool DXD that show is halarious


Posted 7 years ago

You're welcome. ^_^


Posted 7 years ago

I am currently watching Strike the blood ( Action/Romance/Comedy ) , Noragami ( Action/Comedy ) and Mahou Sensou ( Action/Romance/Comedy )