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Mushishi season 2

Posted by plebaap 8 years ago

Posted 8 years ago

So, I noticed some people in here have watched Mushishi.

As you may all know, a 40minute OVA just came out on crunchyroll and will be available for download soon. At the end of this OVA was a special message, Mushishi is getting a second season! First episode airs in April.

To me Mushishi is easily one of my favorite anime, either #1 or at least in my top three, naturally I'm really looking forward to this.

So, share thoughts and opinions!


Posted 8 years ago

I love Mushishi. The song always makes me sad. I would love to see a second season. It has been years since the first. I have the live action movie, but have yet to watch it.


Posted 7 years ago

I like the anime Mushi-shi ^_^ it would be in my top 3 as well, after Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Detective Conan ^_^ I like the earthy, calm and supernatural plot ^_^ I have only seen 13 or so episodes... I don't really know why, but I have also seen the live-action feature film subbed. It will be interesting to go back and watch it after my knowledge of Japanese increases ^_^ 


Posted 6 years ago

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Posted 5 years ago

There Is a live action! Gonna go watch it right now!


Posted 4 years ago

Love Mushishi! Such an awesome series, the spirits and monsters on the show are so interesting and I love how you can learn little snippets of Japanese folk lore from watching it. Another good one is Natsume yujin cho, it's a lot like Mushishi.


Posted 4 years ago

Mushishi is definitely great.