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Japanese Language Schools

Posted by ramen123 2 years ago

Posted 2 years ago


I am moving to Tokyo soon in 2 months and wondered if anyone knows any good language schools in Tokyo?

I'm a beginner in Japanese and am around the JLPT N5 level.

I'm looking for schools that offer classes in small groups! Will be nice if the lessons have lots of speaking practice too.

Open to and will appreciate any suggestions! 



Posted 2 years ago

hi! Welcome to Tokyo! 

Finding a good Japanese Language School can be quite a challenge here as most school are not flexible in terms of classes. 

i have personally been to Coto Japanese Academy! Really recommend this school as their lessons are flexible meanjng you are able to change it anytime you want (but ofcourse need to have grace period)

they also offer JLPT classes since you mentioned that you took JLPT N5? Or thinking about taking JLPT.

but yes, I really recommend this school! 

good luck in learning Japanese!