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Sharing my JLPT-5 reading material

Posted by Nano Gonzalez 1 year ago
Nano Gonzalez

Posted 1 year ago


Hello friends

I was not happy with the amount of (level appropriate) reading material I found on the internet.  I decided to write my own book using only the words from the JLPT-5 vocabulary list.  It is a collection of short stories and random phone conversations.  It helps me to remember the N5 words, as I start to move on to the N4 list.  For anyone at the N5 level I think this will help. 

Writing this book has really helped me alot.  I hope this community can get something out of it as well.

JLPT-5 Reading

Nano Gonzalez

Posted 1 year ago

Sorry about the link I posted above.  I did not know it was a private link.

Here is a public link that will work for everybody.


JLPT-5 Reading (public link)


Posted 1 year ago


It looks like you put a lot of effort into this. Thanks so much for sharing.