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n5 exam preparation tips

せや、 にほんご の がくせい

Posted 8 years ago

konnichiwa minasan.

i'm hoping to be able to take the n5 exam probably by next year. i'd truly appreciate it if anyone could give me any tips how i should prepare aside from taking my lessons in class. maybe like what i should focus on, the coverage of the exam, how the exam will be presented and all other stuff.

domo arigatou gozaimasu!


Posted 8 years ago

I took the N5 in December of 2012.  The main focus was on reading and listening comprehension.  The reason part is fairly easy if you study the vocabulary and the related kanji.  However, the listening comprehension part is delivered by listening to a recording.  They will NOT reply the recording and the recording is spoken to at NATIVE speaker speed.

So that's the most difficult part.  You need to continue listening to Japanese to get used to the speed.  Listen to the recordings on Nihongo Master as much as possible.

Also, you should study the vocabulary and kanji.  If you are a subscriber on Nihongo Master, you can add the words and kanji to your drills to rapidly learn them quickly.  There's a study list already made.  Check this out:


JLPT N5 Study List (743 words, 103 Kanji)


Posted 7 years ago

Dear Friends,

i want to take the N5 test where is the listening lesson here ? thank you :)