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Posted by Surfinupcali 7 years ago

Posted 7 years ago

So my love and passion for the Japanese language and people began thanks to an introduction to the Japanese pop band KAT-TUN. Thanks to the amazing advertizing of Johnny's Jimusho I also found Kis-My-Ft-2, Kanjani8, and others. I have since branched out to Alice Nine, One OK Rock, MIYAVI, Girugamesh, Gazette, X-Japan, Versailles, Jupiter and various others. Any other fans of these groups out there?


Posted 7 years ago

ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well not all the groups you mentioned but I love KAT-TUN~~and the GazettE and who doesn't love Miyavi? :D


Posted 7 years ago

Kis-my-ft2 is my favorite jpop group *w* i also like hey! say! jump, kat-tun, A.B.C-Z & others... i also love jrock & visual kei

japanese music is the best!!


Posted 7 years ago

Hey!Say! JUMP and Sexy Zone !!!!!! Is there anyone here who loves them too?? <3