Definition of 尺

  • shaku
  • Japanese foot
  • measure
  • scale
  • rule


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • シャク

Popular Words With This Kanji

尺度, しゃくど

linear measure, scale

尺八, しゃくはち

shakuhachi, end-blown fippleless bamboo flute, blow job, oral sex (penis in mouth), fellatio

短冊, 短籍, 短尺, たんざく, たんじゃく

long, narrow card on which Japanese poems are written (vertically), strip of paper, thin rectangle

尺, しゃく

shaku (unit of distance approximately equal to 30.3 cm), rule, measure, scale, length

縮尺, しゅくしゃく

reduced scale, scaling

三尺, さんじゃく

3 Japanese feet, waistband, belt, cloth girdle

長尺, ちょうじゃく

long, lengthy

間尺, けんじゃく, ましゃく

measuring rope with 'ken' (182cm) marked, measurement

尺貫法, しゃっかんほう

old Japanese system of weights and measures

曲尺, 矩尺, かねじゃく, きょくしゃく

carpenter's square (for checking angles), common shaku (unit of distance; approx. 30.3 cm)

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