Definition of 消

  • extinguish
  • blow out
  • turn off
  • neutralize
  • cancel


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • ショウ
  • える

Popular Words With This Kanji

消費, しょうひ

consumption, expenditure

消費者, しょうひしゃ


消費税, しょうひぜい

consumption tax (incl. sales tax, VAT, excise duty, etc.)

解消, かいしょう

cancellation, liquidation, resolution, reduction (e.g. of stress)

消える, きえる

to go out, to vanish, to disappear

消す, けす

to erase, to delete, to cross out, to turn off power, to extinguish, to put out, to bump off

消極的, しょうきょくてき

negative, half-hearted, passive, unmotivated, pessimistic

消防, しょうぼう

fire fighting, fire department

消滅, しょうめつ

lapse, annihilation (physics), extinguishment, termination (e.g. of legal representation), vanishing

取り消し, 取消し, 取消, とりけし

cancellation, withdrawal, abolition, revocation, cancel, CAN

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