Definition of 尽

  • exhaust
  • use up
  • run out of
  • deplete
  • befriend
  • serve


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • ジン
  • サン
  • くす
  • -つくす
  • -づくし
  • -つ
  • -づ
  • -ず
  • きる
  • かす
  • さかづき
  • ことごと
  • つか
  • つき

Popular Words With This Kanji

尽きる, 竭きる, つきる

to be used up, to be run out, to be exhausted, to be consumed, to come to an end

尽くす, つくす

to exhaust, to run out, to devote, to serve (a person), to befriend, to do to exhaustion

富士山, 不二山, 不尽山, ふじさん

Mt Fuji

尽力, じんりょく

efforts, assistance

悉く, 尽く, ことごとく

altogether, entirely

理不尽, りふじん

unreasonable, irrational

尽かす, つかす

to use completely, to use up, to exhaust, to exhaust somebody's civility, to give up (on someone)

燃え尽きる, もえつきる

to burn out

出尽す, 出尽くす, でつくす

to be all out, to exhaust

出尽す, 出尽くす, でつくす

to be all out, to exhaust

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