Definition of 寸

  • measurement
  • foot/10


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • スン

Popular Words With This Kanji

一寸, 鳥渡, ちょっと, ちょと, ちょいと

just a minute, short time, just a little, somewhat, easily, readily, rather, (before a verb in negative form) (will not) easily, hey!

寸前, すんぜん

on the verge, on the brink, just in front of, just before

燐寸, まっち, マッチ

match (contest), match (to light fire with), to match with, to go well with

寸断, すんだん

cut (tear) to pieces

寸法, すんぽう

measurement, size, extent, dimension

一寸, いっすん

one sun (approx. 3.03 cm), a little bit (of time, distance, etc.)

寸, すん

sun (approx. 3.03 cm)

寸劇, すんげき

short play, skit

原寸, げんすん

actual size, full size

寸分, すんぶん

tiny bit

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