Definition of 切

  • cut
  • cutoff
  • be sharp


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • セツ
  • サイ
  • -き
  • -き
  • -ぎ
  • れる
  • -きれる
  • -き
  • -ぎ

Popular Words With This Kanji

出切る, できる

to be out of, to have no more at hand

切る, きる

to cut (usu. to cut through), to sever (connections, ties), to turn off (i.e. the light), to terminate (i.e. a conversation), to hang up (the phone), to disconnect, to punch (a ticket), to tear off (a stub), to open (something sealed), to start, to set (a limit), to reduce, to decrease, to discount, to shake off (water, etc.), to let drip-dry (or drain), to cross, to do (something noticeable), to turn (a vehicle), to cut (the ball), to shuffle (cards), to trump, (in Go) to isolate (an opponent's stone), (after the -masu stem of a verb) to finish, to complete

大切, たいせつ

important, valuable, worthy of care

切っ掛け, 切掛, きっかけ

chance, start, cue, excuse, motive, impetus, occasion

切っ掛け, 切掛, きっかけ

chance, start, cue, excuse, motive, impetus, occasion

踏み切る, ふみきる

to make a bold start, to take a plunge, to take off

切れる, きれる

to break, to snap, to be cut, to split, to crack, to be injured, to wear out, to be worn out, to break, to burst, to collapse, to wear off, to stop working, to go dead, to expire (time limit, etc.), to run out, to become due, to run out (of stock, etc.), to be exhausted, to be used up, to be sold out, to be out of, to be broken off (e.g. of a relationship), to break up, to have severed ties, to be cut off, to be disconnected, to cut well, to be sharp, to be sharp-minded, to be keen, to be shrewd, to be quick-witted, to be able, to be short of, to drop under (a certain figure), to beat (e.g. a record time), to dry off, to curve, to veer, to shuffle (cards), to get angry, to snap, to blow one's top, to lose one's temper, to flip, to be able to do completely

一切, いっさい

all, everything, without exception, the whole, entirely, absolutely

適切, てきせつ

pertinent, appropriate, adequate, relevance

切れ, きれ

piece, slice, strip, scrap, cloth, sharpness, counter for scraps, pieces, etc.

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