Definition of 足

  • leg
  • foot
  • be sufficient
  • counter for pairs of footwear


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • ソク
  • あし
  • りる

Popular Words With This Kanji

不足, ふそく

insufficiency, shortage, deficiency, lack, dearth

足, 脚, 肢, あし

foot, leg, gait, pace, bottom structural component (i.e. radical) of a kanji, means of transportation

発足, ほっそく, はっそく

starting, inauguration, launch, founding, establishment, start-up

満足, 滿足, まんぞく

satisfaction, sufficiency

満足, 滿足, まんぞく

satisfaction, sufficiency

足袋, 単皮, たび

tabi, Japanese socks (with split toe)

足りる, たりる

to be sufficient, to be enough, to be worth doing, to be worthy, to be sufficient, to answer, to do

足並み, 足並, あしなみ

pace, step

足並み, 足並, あしなみ

pace, step

足下, 足元, 足もと, 足許, あしもと, そっか

at one's feet, underfoot, one's step (as in "watch your step"), gait, pace, step, you, thou

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