Definition of 停

  • halt
  • stopping


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • テイ
  • める
  • まる

Popular Words With This Kanji

停止, ていし, ちょうじ

suspension, interruption, stoppage, ban, standstill, halt, hang-up, deadlock, stalemate, abeyance, suspension of music, dance, etc. as a sign of mourning for a prominent person

止まる, 留まる, 停まる, 駐まる, とどまる

to remain, to abide, to stay (in the one place), to be limited to, to be confined to

停戦, ていせん

armistice, ceasefire

止める, 留める, 停める, とめる

to stop (something or someone), to turn off, to concentrate on, to pay attention to, to remember, to bear in mind, to fix into place, to park, to leave somewhere for a time

止まる, 留まる, 停まる, 駐まる, 止る, 留る, とまる

to stop (moving), to come to a stop, to stop (doing, working, being supplied), to come to a halt, to cease, to be stopped, to be suspended, to alight, to perch on

定年, 停年, ていねん

retirement age, years of service in a military rank before eligibility for promotion

留める, 止める, 停める, とどめる

to stop, to stay (e.g. the night), to cease, to put an end to, to contain, to keep (in position, in place), to limit, to record (e.g. a fact), to retain

調停, ちょうてい

arbitration, conciliation, mediation

停滞, ていたい

stagnation, tie-up, congestion, retention, accumulation, falling into arrears

停車, ていしゃ

stopping (e.g. train)

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