Definition of 働

  • work
  • (kokuji)


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • ドウ
  • リュク
  • リキ
  • ロク
  • リョク
  • はたら

Popular Words With This Kanji

働く, はたらく

to work, to labor, to labour, to function, to operate, to be effective, to work (i.e. ... works), to come into play, to commit (e.g. a crime), to perpetrate, to do, to act, to practise, to practice, to be conjugated

労働, 労動, ろうどう

manual labor, manual labour, toil, work, Labour Party

労働者, ろうどうしゃ

laborer (labourer), blue-collar worker

自動, 自働, じどう

automatic, self-motion, intransitive verb

労働省, ろうどうしょう

Ministry of Labour (now Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

労働党, ろうどうとう

Labour Party, Labor Party, worker's party

働き, はたらき

work, labor, labour, achievement, performance, ability, talent, salary, income, earnings, action, activity, workings, function, operation, movement, motion, conjugation, inflection

労働組合, ろうどうくみあい

labor union, labour union

稼働, 稼動, かどう

operation (of machine), actual work

働きかけ, 働き掛け, はたらきかけ

pressure, encouragement, urging, promoting

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