Definition of 覗

  • peep
  • peek
  • come in sight


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • のぞ
  • うかが

Popular Words With This Kanji

窺う, 覗う, うかがう

to peep (through), to peek, to examine (esp. covertly), to await (one's chance), to guess, to infer, to gather, to surmise

覗き込む, 覗きこむ, のぞき込む, のぞきこむ

to look into, to peer in

覗き込む, 覗きこむ, のぞき込む, のぞきこむ

to look into, to peer in

覗く, 覘く, 窺く, 臨く, のぞく

to peek (though a keyhole, gap, etc.), to look down into (a ravine, etc.), to peek into (a shop, bookstore, etc.), to sneak a look at, to take a quick look at, to peep (through a telescope, microscope, etc.), to stick out (a scarf from a collar, etc.), to peek through (sky through a forest canopy, etc.), to face

覗き, のぞき

peeping, peeping tom

覗き魔, 覗魔, のぞきま

peeping tom

差し覗く, 差覗く, さしのぞく

to peek, to peek into, to stop by, to visit

管の穴から天を覗く, くだのあなからてんをのぞく

Have a narrow view of things

葦の髄から天井を覗く, よしのずいからてんじょうをのぞく

to have a narrow view of things, to look at the ceiling through a reed

覗き眼鏡, 覗眼鏡, のぞきめがね

peep show, device with lens mounted on a stand or in a box to view enlarged pictures, water glass, hydroscope, box, etc. with glass bottom for viewing underwater

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